New Independence (Click to Read)

Happy 4th of July????

Independence Day? For who right???

By now we all know the true story of America, and the fact that this “Independence” didn’t apply to all of its citizens. Not just black people tho, many people and for many reasons many people In America and The World...Don’t feel FREE. Almost ALL of us White, Black, Hispanic, Asian or otherwise feel bonded by something whether external or internal...something we want to break free of..

I offer this redesigned version of the Flag to represent an America that is centered AROUND the PEOPLE. The stars represent the people that come in many different shades and colors.

I want us all to be able to embrace this “Independence Day” by celebrating our own PERSONAL independence. Make it your own today. What are you proud to have broken free from in your life, or what are you striving to have freedom from in the future? Use this Flag as a collective symbol to represent that Freedom or that fight for a Freedom that you long for. It could be mental, financial, social, religious...ANYTHING!

What does Freedom mean to you?

For me...Freedom is to have dreams...and the ability to live those dreams...

Later today i will be launching a new website. that will help embody my story in this process to live my dreams, and in the future tell the stories of many others doing the same.

Go Be Free...pls share this....🙏🏿❤️