Radio B’s debut into this era of battle rap! A Classic! Radio B vs Bravo was the biggest local battle in Richmond history when it went down, and the aftermath has been historic. It led to them beginning Southpaw Battle Coalition, and the rest is history. Check out this war!

JC is known as one of the top 5 to 10 pens in the game...Maybe of all time in battle rap...The question was in Radio's 2nd battle...has he bitten off more than he can chew? Or is he really ready to be considered one of the best in the game early on...Only one way to find out...Legends Never Die 2!

Radio goes head to head in his 3rd battle against Richmond’s dangerous puncher J Morr in a fire fight. Radio’s 3rd round Jay-Z scheme might have been one of the best schemes written in battle rap history. Check it out here!

Southpaw's Own Radio B goes head to head with rising URL superstar Nu Jerzy Twork in a FIRE one round battle! Also check out Radio’s Legend music video at the beginning!

A true grudge match...Radio and LOC's Redd Handed traded shots in battles and online, and the people demanded the bout...They made it happen...You can feel the intensity and disdain in this one

Student vs The Teacher type of battle between Habeeb and Coalition head Radio B. These two wield some of the sharpest pens in The School. Who came out on top?

. Richmonds Own Radio B vs Norfolk legend Rolla. One rounder, fire back and forth. Who walked away with the victory?