Why Kill The Dreamer?

I once said in a song, “success in not about ideas…it’s about decisions” 

I personally believe that in order for us to LIVE our dreams. We must kill the “dreamer”.

Now obviously I don’t mean this in any sort of literal since (put the razor blades away!),

And i definitely don’t want you to stop dreaming!

However what I do want to inspire you to do is stop being solely a “Dreamer”.

It’s time to identify your vision, set goals, create a plan, make a decision and EXECUTE!

It’s time to live the dream. Society is designed to place us in boxes.

It’s also designed to have us focused on our limitations, and not our capabilities.

I have a theory called “Disciplined Defiance”

I believe every person that has accomplished anything GREAT in this world has applied this theory.

It’s simple. With the right amount of self discipline and work ethic you can be SUCCESSFUL at anything you put your mind to.

If you discipline and focus your mind on any given task enough it will be something you will attain success at. That’s a given.

However SUCCESS and GREATNESS are two different things. Greatness requires another level.

It most often requires doing something that has never been done before. 

In order to do that, you must have ‘utter defiance’.

Defiance is what allows us to push beyond boundaries. It’s what allows the underdog to come out on top.

It allows the person who has failed over and over, and been told no numerous times to be determined enough to keep pushing.

It’s what allows us to create, and invent things, and reach heights people once said were impossible.

Almost everything we have that has advanced us on earth was at one point considered impossible, or a foolish dream.

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